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Our beauty business consulting services incorporate best practices and industry knowledge acquired over years of experience working with leading and emerging brands to break into the major retail scene. 


Our goal is to provide you with a winning mix of insight, strategy, planning, and execution to support your business across sales, branding, marketing, and more.



With our boots on the ground experience, we can provide industry-proven insights, advice and feedback to best fortify your brand to drive direct to consumer sales and retail distribution. Based on your needs, we will partner with you to devise a personalized plan of action to grow your brand. This can include but is not limited to: brand building, business strategy, retail selection, marketing & promotional strategy, social activation, training, education, event planning, and product launch strategy.


Let us take high-level strategies and bring them to life for you! This can include but is not limited to: building training manuals to support product knowledge and selling rituals at point of sale, creating calendars for social activation, event animation, and promotional moments. Get the support you need while keeping your headcount low and budgets streamlined.

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