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An Autopsy Of Rodin Olio Lusso And The Challenges Conglomerates Face Taking Over Small Brands

Rodin Olio Lusso ultimately was stocked by Credo, but it didn’t lean heavily into its clean beauty positioning, a choice that might have inhibited it from catching the clean beauty wave. However, the choice fit Rodin’s philosophy, which stressed quality formulas, not clean ingredient decks. Another issue was that the face oil segment the brand pioneered in the United States became incredibly crowded. “While Rodin Olio Lusso was innovative at the time with their face oil, that is no longer the case,” says Melissa D’Aquila, co-founder of strategic consulting firm Beauty Breakthrough and former Lord & Taylor buyer. “Additionally, Lauder already captures the luxury skincare consumer with other brands in their portfolio such as La Mer.”

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